Monday, April 21, 2008

Pols, Pundits, Please Just Tell Us What You Really Think

We continually have candidates and their surrogates saying things like this:

No, I don't think he/she lacks integrity, but he/she says one thing and does another.

No, I don't think my opponent is a liar, but he/she keeps saying things he/she knows are untrue.

No, I don't think he/she is a [elitist, racist, etc.], but his/her comments are.

Must we really allow these politicians to continue to play these stupid games? Can't we get them to take a stand and go on the record as to what they really think of their opponents instead of engaging in all this childish innuendo?

And the same goes for journalists and pundits. If you keep raising the issues of flag lapel pins, fiery pastors and ex-Weather Undergrounders, even after the candidate has addressed those issues multiple times, and then continue to dog the issue even after having examined his personal history, read his writings and listened to his speeches, then maybe you should arrive at a conclusion about whether you think he is an America hating terrorist sympathizer, show the evidence upon which that conclusion is based, and say so outright - or just shut up, move on, and address those things that are factual, real and important to the American people.

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