Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary Is Insane

Her supporters who encourage her to stay in the race are wildly partisan, hopelessly stubborn, vindictive, perhaps mildly or overtly racist, illogical, in denial, suffer from a sense victimization or gender oppression, don't understand the delegate math, or a combination of all the above. Or perhaps they are just as nuts as their candidate.

In a previous post I referenced a session in which clinical psychologist Ellen Ladowsky dissects Clinton's Bosnia tale. At the Huffington Post, Ladowsky expands upon her observations and delves into the matter more deeply. She rejects the notion that it was less a lie as it was a psychotic break from reality. And her subsequent explanation was so unreflective and unapologetic as to border on sociopathy. It's such a bizarre episode, from the telling of the tale itself to her subsequent explanation, yet seems to have not captured the interest that it deserves. If Obama had confabulated his own tale and promoted such a fantastic yarn as a truth, my trust and confidence in him would be shaken to the core and I would be too frightened to cast my vote for him.

Does the Hillary contingent not care about her lapse from reality into psychosis? Or do they prefer to think of it as another harmless lie from a politician? Do they understand and perhaps identify with her living in her own little reality bubble? Does this help to explain their ongoing support for her doomed candidacy?

Ludowsky writes...
In the course of Hillary's campaign, a number of features have repeatedly emerged that are also elements of her Bosnia tale. 1) Hillary is both hero and victim; 2) facts are of no consequence; 3) And there are no witnesses or observers to the facts. This last point is always startling. For example, Hillary's explanation of her vote on the war made Nora Ephron wonder if Hillary thought we "weren't alive at the time."
I know mass empathy from the large American delusional victims community doesn't completely explain the phenomenon of her continuing support. Some of it can be simply explained by Clinton supporter Carole Simpson's shockingly candid, and true, remark on Larry King last night "This country is about race."

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