Friday, July 18, 2008

Walmart Logo Parody

I am working on a parody of the new, sucky, Walmart logo for a citizen's group that is trying to keep a super Walmart out of their fair city. I've taken the corporation's new slogan "Save money. Live better." and altered it a bit.

I invite your ideas for another new slogan.

Update: Another with emphasis on the China connection. And by the way, the first logo was a finalist in the Walmart logo redesign contest. This second one is my idea of how the winning entry could have been better.


toni momberger said...

being deep in the heart of the housewife culture, i believe mentioning in any way that the items at walmart cost less is advertising for the company. because after that sentiment people on a budget stop listening.
after the asterisk, i would like to see something like, 'because your community is disposable.'
i love the visual. the colors and the graphics are great.

roberto said...

Toni, yours was the award-winning slogan suggestion. It was also the only slogan suggestion.